WLCA Cell Tower Report
WLCA Cell Tower Report 

On November 3, 2010 United Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc., a company currently doing site acquisition work for T-Mobile, approach WLCA with a proposal to lease a portion of WLCA property adjacent to the ball fields for the construction of a cell phone antenna-support structure for T-Mobile.

On November 29 the WLCA board asked the Long Range Planning Committee to advise whether the cell tower was compatible with the goals of the association. United Commercial provided a sample leasing agreement.  The Committee sent a proposed evaluation framework to the Board for review, and began assessing the merits of the proposal.

On January 20, 2011 representatives from T-Mobile met with the Long Range Planning Committee to present their proposal and hear the Committee’s concerns.  In the weeks after the meeting, the Committee completed its evaluation, which is embodied in this report.

This report was compiled by the members of the 2011 Long Range Planning Committee:  Dennis Horazak, Ben Isip, Jamie Rodriguez, and Andrew Swift. 

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