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Writers Wanted for New ARC Guideline Committee!


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Writers Wanted for New ARC Guideline Committee!


Waterford Lakes Community Association (WLCA) is looking for volunteer writers
to review and update the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Guidelines for
property modifications. The Guidelines were written several years ago but
fresh eyes are needed to ensure that they remain legally current, technically
accurate, grammatically correct, and homeowner-friendly. The WLCA board
recently commissioned an ARC Guideline Committee to address this need.

The Committee will include ARC members, neighborhood board members, and regular
homeowners. If you have clear writing skills and would like to help the
Association preserve, protect, and enhance property values by producing
first-rate guidelines, we can use your help. Please contact Dennis
Horazak dennis.horazak@mywaterfordlakes.org,
Becky Black becky.black@mywaterfordlakes.org,
or Ken Zook ken.zook@mywaterfordlakes.org,
for more information.

The board will appoint the final committee members in order to assure there is
adequate representation by various interested parties on the committee.



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