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Waterford Lakes eMail Bulletin - July 2018


Good Morning Waterford Lakes!

We certainly hope everyone has been enjoying their summer so far. The 4th of July holiday is past and we can all settle down for a little bit before the next hectic event on our calendars begins and that's getting the kids back to school. It's hard to believe that we are half way through the summer already and the next school year is right around the corner. August 13th is the first day of school. Summer at the Waterford Rec Center has been very busy for us as we try hard to make the summer experience here fun for all. All the rain this year has made it a challenge to get to the overflow parking area and we are leveling the access area as best we can. Be careful going to and from the dog park area in your vehicle and please don't drive on the sidewalks on Mark Twain to get there. It's dangerous and very illegal. If an officer catches you, you will be ticketed and it also damages common areas. Find a parking place and walk to the dog park please. 

On another maintenance note, this time of the year has also been a challenge making sure all the ponds around Waterford are getting cut on a timely basis. Rain has saturated the banks of the ponds and getting the heavy mowers through some areas without tearing turf up continues to be a problem. Be patient with the crews and know that we are not forgetting to cut, we just need to maintain a good balance of safety for the mowing crew, the heavy machines and taking care of the pond banks. We don't want a mower sliding down the bank of a pond and flipping over and potentially pinning a driver. We leave the decision making up to the guys who have to do the work and they keep us in the loop of the decisions they make. This time of year our contract calls for weekly pond cuts but sometimes we have to make adjustments based on weather conditions.

You may have noticed that there is caution tape on the play equipment at the 2 tot lots on Lake Underhill. Its been a decade already since the equipment was upgraded from old wood structures and it's time to review them for replacement. The shade covers on them are weathered from the sun, the steel has started to rust and finding replacement parts for such old equipment is impossible now since code requirements are always changing and improving. We are already working with a vendor to determine costs and designs for the replacement of equipment and staff will be sharing that with the Operations Committee as soon as possible.

If you have visited the pool lately, I'm sure you have noticed the loud squeal of the failing pool pump. We have been successful in locating a new 15HP variable speed pump and its on the way. Once it arrives, we will schedule the install which will result in the closure of the pool while that happens. We will send out an email blast and post on our Facebook page when that happens so everyone has advanced notice. Thanks for everyones patience with all the noise.

A reminder, we are coming up on the end of the third quarter assessment payment time. If you have already mailed your payment to the lock box, called us, or stopped by to make the payment, thank you. If not, you still have time! Give us a call at the office (407) 380-3803, stop by or drop off your payment in that drop box at the front door. This will ensure the payment is applied to your account before the 15th. Remember that we take all credit card payments to make the process easier.

In the not too distant future, WLCA will be making some changes to its communication methods that we hope enhance the experience in getting info from WLCA. Brittany Kiernan (our Communication/Event Coordinator) is working hard right now identifying new service providers for the WLCA web site. We recently found out that our current web site provider sold to another company. This caused us to take a look at how we can better communicate with you while also providing access to even more information. Things such as the ability to see the status of a submitted Architectural Review Application and having a WLCA app for your phone for access to information on any device no matter where you would make things easier and quicker. Once we identify all our possibilities and learn how to implement them, we will communicate with you when they start to roll out. In the meantime, continue to use the WLCA website and visit our Facebook page to stay up to date on all our happenings and events.

Speaking of events, we are underway planning for a couple 'Movie In The Park' events and the 3rd Annual 'Trunk or Treat'. As we get closer to those events, we will get the word out and post signs letting everyone know of the upcoming fun.

As always, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your community. We are truly grateful for the opportunity!

Warmest Waterford Regards!

Ken Zook