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Waterford Lakes eMail Bulletin - April 2018


Good Afternoon Waterford Lakes,

I hope you enjoyed your Easter with family and had a great day! How many of you started the day with a good April Fools Joke? I have a friend whose daughter every year does something to the entire family. Yesterday, she took all the furniture in the family room and turned it all around so it was all facing the walls. So everything was set like it normally is against the walls but all turned so you couldn't sit down. Do you have any stories like that or other fun stuff you did? There is always that one person in every family who drives us all nuts. 

I was outside yesterday and couldn't help but take notice to all the birds singing and squirrels running around. I have a couple of woodpeckers hanging out in my oak tree in the backyard singing away and making little holes in the tree and a cardinal family flying from tree to tree as they seem to be getting flight training from their parents. All over, wildlife is all around us and soon you may even see alligators in our ponds as they make the yearly rounds traveling from pond to pond. Just remember that they can be dangerous. Don't take the grandkids out to the pond banks to take pictures of the gators with the kids. Remember that gators can really run on dry ground. Even the local news stations are covering the gators as its that time of year for the them to be looking for some attention.

So what's going on around Waterford Lakes? Please add to your calendars the Central Florida Expressway Authority will be hosting a Public Hearing on Thursday April 26, 2018 starting at 5:30PM at East River High School. The address is 650 East River Falcons Way, Orlando 32833. The meeting covers the State Road 408 Extension from Highway 50 to the vicinity of SR 520. The meeting start with a 'Open House' with the public hearing starting at 6:30 P.M. and then that is followed by Public Comment. As most of us know, this study started a little over a year ago and focused on alternatives for the proposed extension of SR 408 to the vicinity of SR 520 in East Orange County. This particular hearing is being conducted to give interested persons an opportunity to express their views concerning the location, conceptual design, social, economic and environmental effects of the proposed extension. You can always find out additional info by going to the Central Florida Expressway website at CFXway.com. For further info, you can also contact Valerie Tutor, Public Information Officer for CFX at (941) 504-9440 or email at 408study@CFXway.com. As a reminder, there is a separate study being conducted by the State of Florida Department of Transportation as they look at a proposed route as well. Their study just started and I'm sure it will take some time for very different government entities to sit down and work out the details of who will reap the benefits of the tolls that will charged.

It's the second quarter of the year and it's time to make the 2nd quarter assessments. Remember that the assessments are due on the 1st and are late after the 15th. If you misplaced your coupon book, don't worry, call us here at the office at (407) 380-3803 and we can take payment over the phone with your credit card. You can also stop by and drop off a check here at the office or in the large drop box on the side of the door.

The WLCA Operations Committee continues with its landscape upgrade work on the back side of Lake Underhill just past Waterford Chase. WLCA is renovating the three small circles outside of Waterford Bend. They were in dire need of some attention and the committee has almost finalized the final look of what will be done. So we really appreciate everyone's patience as we work out all the details. This project is a little more intense just because of the length of time it has gone without any TLC and the removal of old plant materials. Things always look their worst when you're hard at work with new renovations.

The dog park expansion is open and folks are enjoying the bigger space. We still have some work to do out there like a water fountain for the new side of the park and some other items for the 2 legged folks like some tables or benches. We had someone break the combo locks on the gates before the park was even opened and that has caused some issues for us to work out. Also, when using the park, remember to pick up your 4 legged friend's poop. We have installed new doggie pots out there and we make it as easy as possible to clean up. If you don't clean up after your pet, you potentially cause issues for other pets and after all, nobody wants to pick up after someone else's pets. Keep the place looking its best and please do your part.

We do have a couple of special events coming up. Join us this Thursday at 6:30 PM for a presentation on 'Cyber Security- Protecting our Children'. Join Deputy Forrest Best of the Orange County Sheriff's Department. Recent news stories have showed all of us the importance of keeping our children safe when they are online playing popular games and using apps. It's a great opportunity for parents to learn how to keep your children safe. This is a presentation for parents and children over the age of 8. Please RSVP via the sponsor for this event at HOMETEAM@THEWILKENSWAY.COM. Seating is limited.

WLCA will be hosting a Board Member Certification Course on Saturday April 21st at 9:00A.M for neighborhood board members and those who may want to run for the board(s) in the near future. Florida Statute requires HOA Board Members to take a board certification class once they are on the board or sign an affidavit that they have read their community documents. WLCA goes a little further and asks all of its board members to take the course. Mr. Robert Taylor will be teaching the course and it will take a couple of hours but it will allow you to meet the requirement of Florida Statute and you will learn some great things in the process. So if you're interested, please drop us a line or call us. We want to make your participation as easy and painless as possible. Be on the lookout for additional email blasts and our Facebook postings on this upcoming class.

We also want to let everyone know that we have some new faces in the office. Welcome Barbara Harris as our new Accounts Receivable person. She will be helping you out with your payments and questions about your account and assisting with other receivables as needed. We also have Katina Brown joining us in accounting. Katina is the WLCA's Accountant/Bookkeeper and we also have Brittany Kiernan who is our Communication/Social Event Coordinator. You will be receiving email blasts from her on our upcoming events and she also will be taking care of the WLCA website and all things Facebook. So please stop by and say hi and give them a warm Waterford welcome.

As always, thank you over and over again for allowing us to participate is such a fabulous community. Have a great month!

Warmest Waterford Regards!

Ken Zook