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Waterford Lakes eMail Bulletin - February 2018


Good Afternoon Waterford Lakes!

I hope everyone survived Super Bowl weekend.  Regardless if you were all about cheering for a particular team or you were like me tuning in to watch commercials and the half time show, hope you enjoyed the time. It's not very often anyone tunes in to TV to watch commercials. 

The Waterford Dog Park expansion and improvement project continues. We just installed new sod and some palm trees. Just this past week, we had our pest and fertilization vendor treat the new turf and with the addition of some pretty cool sprinkler heads, it shouldn't be long before we can open the park up for our 4 legged friends. It's still going to be a few weeks though as the turf roots itself in and then we should be good to go. The WLCA Operations Committee is still working out some other details like landscaping on the street side of the park and other amenities like benches and other needs. We also have some adjustments to make to the new gates and fencing.

This Friday is the annual CA DAY (Community Association Day) hosted by CAI (Community Association Institute). The office will be closed Friday as we attend the seminars and stay informed of new HOA related issues and discussions. If you are interested in attending (Its at the Walt Disney Dolphin Resort), let us know and we can get you signed up. If your new to a neighborhood board, this is a great opportunity to attend the State Of Florida mandated Board Member Certification Course. There are also trade vendors to meet and services to learn about that can benefit the neighborhood associations as well. It lasts all day, its free to Board Members and if you need a ride, just ask. I have some room in the vehicle. We will be back in the office Monday morning.

As the weather warms up, be on the lookout for new signs of life on your cold damaged plants. Plants will tell you where you can trim them as the weather warms up. Don't feel the need to trim them aggressively. Let your plants start to grow back and you will be able to tell where and how low you want to cut. For those of you who may not know what to do with your St. Augustine turf, don't feel bad. Here' some info. St. Augustine is more cold tolerant than the weed grasses that contaminate it. St. Augustine will resume growth much earlier than the weed grasses. In fact, it resumes growth immediately as the temperatures warm up. If the turf is well fertilized in February and March, St. Augustine grass will 'overwhelm' the weedy grasses and gain dominance in those areas where the turf was compromised by the turf weeds. Late winter fertilization is very important but it is particularly effective in times when there has been a hard freeze.

On another note, our bad weather in September is long gone and we are still seeing a lot of damaged fences and debris that has not been picked up. This is particularly the case along the berms on Alafaya Trail, Mark Twain and Lake Underhill. This poses a serious safety hazard to our landscape crews and also causes areas of the property to not get properly maintained. If you have debris still laying about, please pick it up and stack on your property and or dispose of it properly. Not only will we be able to get our work done and keep the property looking its best, it will allow our crews to be safe and will keep our costs down. Please do not dump your yard debris over your fence or into conservation areas. We do charge for its cleanup and will bill that costs directly to your HOA account as the documents permit. So please do all of us a favor and before the growing season kicks in, please clean up.

As always, thank to everyone for allowing us to be part of this fantastic community!

Warmest Waterford Regards!

Ken Zook