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Waterford Lakes eMail Bulletin - Proposed New Paint & Siding Guideline


last year, the Waterford Lakes Community Association approved a new paint book
developed by the members of the WLCA Architectural Review Committee.
Recently, the ARC spent a considerable amount of time reviewing and updating
the “ARC Design Guidelines for Exterior Paint and Siding.” You are invited
to review the proposed draft version of the new guideline by visiting the
WLCA website, http://www.mywaterfordlakes.org/. Login as a Resident, click on ARC Forms, then click on Draft 2018 ARC
Paint Guideline.  You can also stop by the office to review the proposed
guideline and/or ask for a copy.

The “Proposed ARC Design Guideline for Exterior Paint and Siding” will be on
the WLCA agenda at the board meeting
that is held right after the annual meeting and will be covered during the committee reports at the Annual Meeting. You can find the agenda on the
WLCA website as well. Please feel free to attend these meetings to
provide feedback to the WLCA Board prior to the vote to accept/reject the new
guideline. If the guideline is approved, WLCA will mail copies to all
homeowners in WLCA.

Both meetings are on Monday January 22, 2018. The Annual Meeting will
start at 6:30 p.m. and the board meeting will start as soon as the annual
meeting is completed.