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Waterford Lakes eMail Bulletin - October 2017 News


Good Afternoon Waterford Lakes!

There is so much happening around the community and it's a great time to let everyone know what's going on. There is still a lot of storm cleanup happening community wide and we have already started to see new roofs going up and fence repairs happening. We certainly hope that everyone and their families faired the storm safe.

One of the things I wanted to advise folks on is how we are handling the cleanup and what role you play in that process. First and foremost, please do not take your yard debris and throw it into conservation areas or on common property. All that does is drive up the costs of the association to clean it all up. FEMA is already hard at work in Waterford cleaning up the debris and now are going around and trimming the trees of hanging limbs. FEMA does NOT clean up HOA property. So anything that is not in the right-of-way is Waterford's responsibility. So please do your part and stack your debris in front of your home and know that in time, FEMA contractors will be around to get things picked up. Be patient and remember that this storm made a mess everywhere, and while you may get tired of looking at the piles of stuff, FEMA contractors are doing the best they can and working as fast as they can to get around. Also, now's a great time to remove that plywood from the windows.

For those that have been calling the office and making reports about trees down in conservation areas, we appreciate that. Understand that when a tree falls in a conservation area, that is where it stays. Conservation is all about nature doing it's thing. Waterford cannot and will not remove trees from conservation areas. Once they are down, that is the best place for them to decay naturally. We have had some calls where trees in conservation have snapped in half and pretty much the same rules apply. We are keeping a running list of these type of issues and will address them as soon as we can. We are still focusing on the main street of Waterford and then we will start the second phase of pond tree removals and conservation needs.

If you experienced damage from trees in conservation areas or have limbs hanging, know that Waterford Lakes follows the 'Trim Thy Neighbors Plants' policy. For example, if a tree tips over in a storm and pulls up your fence, regardless of who owns the tree, you are responsible for the repairs. If your neighbor's tree fell on your home or your car, your insurance would take care of the bill. Same concept for hanging limbs. If a tree limb is hanging from a neighbor's tree into your yard, you can take care of it. If your neighbor's plants are growing into your yard, you can remove them from your yard. You can check out the Waterford Lakes policy under 'policies' on the website http://www.mywaterfordlakes.org/

We are working on a couple of projects that should start just about anytime now. Both are at the Recreation Center. The first is the replacement of busted sidewalks and the second is the installation of sun shades at the playground. After working to secure the needed permits from Orange County, our contractors should start the work soon. With the replacement of sidewalks, there will be the need to close sections of the parking lot from time to time. Also, when we start the work on the shade structures, the playground area will be closed when that contractor starts working on the footings and installation of the support posts. As always, we will be sending out email blasts to everyone as needed to keep you informed of the status of the work.

Did you know we have a couple of events coming up as long as the weather permits this month? We have a 'Movie In The Park' scheduled for October 21st. And then we are hosting the 'Trunk Or Treat' event on October 29th. Be on the lookout for signs around the community and future email blasts for those opportunities to get together and have some fun. Also, if your interested, it's time for the WLCA staff to get re-certified in our AED/CPR Certification. We have a few spots open in case you might be interested in joining us for this helpful and meaningful learning opportunity. November 2nd at 6:30 PM is the date and if you want to attend, first come, first serve, just send me an email at ken.zook@mywaterfordlakes.org and I will put you on the list to get trained. This weekend is also the monthly WaterfordCAN food drive. The holidays are fast approaching and we can certainly use your help. It's easy to participate too! Just leave canned goods and non-perishable items at the end of your driveway and volunteers will drive by and pick up your donations on Saturday morning around 9 AM. It's easy and goes a long way in helping others.

It's the last quarter of the year and your assessments are due! I know, save the brain tickle for the last part of the email blast. A friendly reminder to everyone that the assessments are due on the first and LATE after the 15th. So please stop by and drop off your payment here at the office or in the drop box just outside the office door. You can also call us at (407) 380-3803 and make the payment by credit card. 

Thank you so much to everyone for all your hard work during the post hurricane clean up and continue to be patient as everyone continues to do their part. It is virtually impossible to find folks who trim trees let alone being put on a long list for fence repair and roof replacements. Know that even the insurance companies are backed up sending out adjusters to look at damages. We were very lucky and know things could have been much worse. Continue to do your part and help anyplace you can. Support your neighbors if they need assistance or are elderly and know that sometimes even a simple hug can go a long way. Waterford has always been good like that and it will continue to help each other!

Warmest Waterford Regards!

Ken Zook