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Waterford Lakes eMail Bulletin - Assessment Reminder


Good Evening Waterford Lakes,

Hope everyone had a good day today and the weekend is just around the corner. This is a reminder email to let everyone know that the 3rd quarter assessments are due and will be late after the 15th. If you have already paid, thank you. If not, there are a number of ways to pay before the assessments becomes late. Give us a call at the office at (407) 380-3803 and pay with credit card. Its fast and simple and there are no additional charges for this. You can stop by the office and drop off your payment with a check or pay with credit card or you can even stop by the office after normal business hours or on the weekend and drop off your check in the large drop box just outside the office door. If you make your payment over the weekend with a check in the drop box, we consider your payment being made on time.

Thank you to everyone for your follow up and hope you have a great weekend.

Our Continued Best!

Ken Zook