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Waterford Lakes eMail Bulletin - Pedestrian Safety Median


Good Afternoon Waterford Lakes,

Staff was informed this morning that Orange County and its contractor will begin the installation of the new Pedestrian Safety Median at the Crosswalk between the Recreation Center and the Walking Track starting tomorrow. You will see traffic signs advising of the construction on Mark Twain. This project is a collaborative effort between Orange County and Waterford Lakes. The WLCA Board of Directors approved the association's portion of funding back in May 2017. The Pedestrian Safety Median will be approximately 4 feet wide and will be landscaped when completed with low plant cover. The crosswalk will also be color coded to assist drivers to see the crosswalk while folks traverse the crossing. The safety flashing LED signs will remain and the sidewalk 'ramps' on both sides of the crosswalk will be redone to make them ADA compliant. We did ask Orange County representatives this morning about the Crosswalk signs that are in front of the LED signs as they do block the LED signs. They are aware of the issue and will make adjustments to those signs.

In the meantime, please drive carefully when workers are present and pay attention to the roadway as the project begins and moves through its completion.

On a related note, the median upgrades on Mark Twain/Alafaya and River Delta/Alafaya are almost complete. The plant materials for those 2 median landscape upgrade projects starting going in today. Irrigation has been adjusted and electrical power for those medians are almost complete as well. This will allow us to decorate the medians during the holidays with lights.

Thanks in advance for everyone's patience!

Ken Zook